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Year in Review

This year, we celebrate achieving Exemplary Status from Accreditation Canada and reflect upon how Grandview Kids helps children, youth, and families reach their full potential. The theme of our Strategic Plan, “Building on Excellence,” was exemplified through our programs, services, and partnerships in the 2021 to 2022 fiscal year. Look for stories from our families throughout this report to learn how Team Grandview has made a difference in the lives of the families we so proudly serve.

Chief Executive Officer, Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann.

This past year exemplified another year of Grandview Kids’ relentless pursuit of improvement, learning and growth. We invite you to join in the excitement surrounding Grandview Kids and the many avenues to excellence in Paediatric Rehabilitation in the pages that follow.

Thank you for your tremendous ongoing support.

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann

CEO, Grandview Children’s Centre


Every child and youth living life at their full potential


To provide family-centred paediatric and rehabilitation services for children and youth with physical, communication and developmental needs


To provide family-centred paediatric and rehabilitation services for children and youth with physical, communication and developmental needs


These are our core values

Caring and Commitment

Being kind and compassionate. Relentless attention to safety and quality.

Trust and Respect

Believing our clients, families, partners, volunteers and employees have capability and competence; valuing diversity of background and perspective.


Doing what we say we are going to do; Being clear and open in all of our communications; dedication to well-planned, responsible, ethical decisions on behalf of those we serve.

Whole Child and Family-Centred

Appreciating that family members are the consistency in a child’s life and so are at the centre of the services we provide.

Innovation and Continuous Learning

Fostering a “culture of inquiry” and inspiring each other to advance our capabilities; being flexible and innovative to accomplish goals.


Advancing our clinical capabilities and organizational practices; leading the way in our field.

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Our core values fueled our endeavours in 2021-22 to help all children and families reach their full potential.

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Clinical and Client Services

Transform the client and family experience across all life stages.

Expanding programs and the introduction of new services resulted in a busy year for Team Grandview. The unstoppable mutlidisciplinary teams are dedicated to continuous quality improvement to meet the dynamic needs of our community.

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Campbell Children’s School

Challenge, Celebrate, Strengthen.

In collaboration with Grandview Kids, Campbell Children’s School nurtures each child’s unique abilities through programming to develop skills, self-confidence, and independence to transition to the home school successfully.

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Collaborative Research

Inform evidence-based practice through impactful partnerships.

The multidisciplinary research committee actively found ways of translating research into practice. The highlight of the year was the Grandview Research Day, with more than 20 researchers and family advisors sharing their learnings and promoting evidence-informed strategies to improve quality of care for all.

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Medical and Diagnostic Services

Supporting the diverse needs of our growing community.

The Medical Team has welcomed new members and two new clinics, keeping pace with the diverse needs of the growing population across the Durham Region. Through their leadership, the Medical Team provided more than 3,000 vaccinations to children, youth and adults – a historic contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

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Community partnerships

Championing a connected system through collaboration and co-design.

Grandview Kids is proud to be recognized by community partners as the “North Star” for best practices and innovation in paediatric rehabilitation. Meaningful contributions to the field were achieved at the local and provincial levels in 2021-22, and the future of continued collaboration is looking bright.

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Grandview Children’s Foundation

Together with caring friends, we can ensure that we help unstoppable Grandview Kids to live their best life.

With help from our caring community of donors, our Foundation is helping to get children and youth into innovative and life-changing therapy sooner and fulfill our Believe Campaign goal to help build and support the new Grandview. We’re so grateful to everyone who has chosen to support Grandview Kids.

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Our Team

Volunteers, staff, students and the Board of Trustees working together toward a common goal.

Thank you to every member of Team Grandview, a group of individuals with a shared drive to help every child and youth live life at their full potential. As the team grows, so does the dedication to high-quality, family-centred care.

Board of Trustees Chair, Denise Jones.
I want to thank each member of Team Grandview for another extraordinary year. This year, the organization grew in both size and scope, bringing more support to local families. Thank you for all you do.

Denise Jones

Chair, Grandview Children’s Centre Board of Trustees

The Numbers

Finances and Statistics
Thank You!

Thank you for making a profound impact on Grandview kids’ lives, helping them move, play, learn, communicate and connect in ways their families never thought possible. We are excited for this next chapter as we journey together towards a bold new beginning of hope, belonging, discovery and celebration of Grandview Kids and paediatric excellence in our community.