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Collaborative Research

Research Report

Grandview Kids has been involved in more than 25 projects this year.

Due to our strong connection with families, Grandview Kids remains a highly sought-after research partner and recruitment centre. Our multidisciplinary research committee reviewed and supported a variety of studies that are working to:


  1. Develop and improve interventions that promote the health and wellness of children and families.
  2. Understand lived experiences and perspectives of children with disabilities and their caregivers.
  3. Deepen the understanding of factors contributing to developmental diversity including genes and environments.

Informing evidence-based practice

We were proud to have launched our Research Lunch and Learn series with a goal to keep Grandview Kids staff engaged with research and evidence-based practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We hosted speakers from various research disciplines, including ethics, knowledge translation, engineering, and clinical science.

In addition to hosting, we were also invited to the Bloorview Research Institute Professional Developmental Day as a keynote speaker to present strategies for engaging families in research through meaningful and collaborative partnerships.

The Highlight of the Year

The CP-NET Clinical Database Platform Phase 3 study made significant progress, with Grandview recruiting 30 participants and completing more than 90 per cent of our participant data collection. Additionally, Dr. Carolyn Hunt and the CP-NET team published an article in the scientific journal “Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.” The paper, entitled “Neurodevelopmental profiles of children with unilateralcerebral palsy associated with middle cerebral artery and periventricular venous infarctions” makes a significant step toward improving future programs, services, and treatments.

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Grandview Kids’ research team has grown in strength and numbers, with new committee members and research staff joining the team. We look forward to continuing our development and reach across the Durham Region community in the coming year.


We send our thanks to all the caring individuals, businesses and organizations whose contributions changed lives and made so much possible in 2020/2021. You helped Grandview kids move, play, learn, communicate and connect in ways their families never dreamed possible throughout one of our most challenging times yet.