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Campbell Children’s School

Did you know Grandview Kids has a school in it?

What is Campbell Children’s School?

Campbell Children’s School is publicly funded by the Ministry of Education to provide the Ontario Kindergarten Program. Our students are all clients of Grandview Kids, nominated for the school by their therapists to work on occupational therapy, physiotherapy or speech and language goals. In addition to exploring the curriculum, some learning opportunities include fine motor skills, gross motor skills, Indigenous education, mindfulness, social-emotional reflections and strategies, and life skills.  

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At Campbell Children’s School, technology is an essential tool that helps create equitable learning for our students.

At Campbell Children’s School, technology is an essential tool that helps create equitable learning for our students. The use of technology is not only a beneficial method to engage our students, but a necessity for many of our learners as a way to learn and communicate. The staff at Campbell’s is skilled at implementing assistive technology to allow all students to participate fairly and fully alongside their peers. 

We also place a great emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), which allows students of all abilities to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. Pictured is one of our assistive technology users completing a guided drawing activity alongside his classmates. He is using a switch operated by his elbow to complete a digital drawing template, which was created by one of our educators.

Other Initiatives

Another vital school initiative is Energy Conservation. Campbell Children’s School participates in the Energy Challenge every year. The classrooms commit to water conservation, lowering garbage use, recycling as much as possible, and being aware of their hydro consumption. The classes complete Energy Diet Challenges which include “One Hour No Power,” “How Big Are Your Carbon Feet?”, growing plants from seeds, “What’s Old is New Again” to create pieces from recycled materials and “What’s for Lunch?”; to name a few.

The students learn about Earth and how to preserve it while tying the initiative into the Indigenous Education curriculum by respecting Mother Earth. Campbell Children’s School is a Legacy School with the Gord Downy Chanie Wenjack Legacy School program. 

Campbell Children’s School Numbers

  2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Speech 21 21 16 20 34
Multi 14 14 25 27 19
Complex 2 0 2 2 0
Medical 1 0 0 0 0
Post Surgery 0 1 0 0 0
Total 38 36 43 49 53

A year at Campbell Children’s School builds a child’s confidence and strengthens their skills on their pathway to reaching their fullest potential.


We send our thanks to all the caring individuals, businesses and organizations whose contributions changed lives and made so much possible in 2020/2021. You helped Grandview kids move, play, learn, communicate and connect in ways their families never dreamed possible throughout one of our most challenging times yet.