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Medical & Diagnostic Services

We are building our capacity to expand services.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical and Diagnostic Services team managed to achieve significant outcomes for children, youth, parents, and caregivers from 2020 to 2021. 


The year’s highlight was receiving funds from the Ministry of Health for the Durham Region Paediatric Complex Care Program. After more than six years of advocacy, Grandview Kids can now offer support to children and youth with complex medical needs closer to home. An incredible partnership with Durham Ontario Health Team, The Hospital for Sick Children, Lakeridge Health, Central East Home and Community Care Support Services, and Complex Care for Kids Ontario have brought this program to fruition. The end of our year brought about intense preparation of the program, which launched in Spring 2021. 

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Partnerships grew substantially last year, bringing new supports to clients, parents, and caregivers. 

In 2020, Grandview Kids launched a new Psychology Program.

An innovative partnership was formed with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation in Toronto, expanding our access to experienced child psychologists. A clinical psychologist is the only health professional that can provide a definitive diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or Learning Disability. So many Grandview Kids are affected by intellectual disabilities; we are thrilled to add this diagnostic service to our group; it is key to helping families understand their child’s needs and strengths. 

We also partnered with CAREA and the Durham Children’s Aid Society to help realize their vision of bringing a paediatric clinic focused on social vulnerability to the Durham Region. The medical team is looking forward to working with CAREA and the Children’s Aid Society on this work in the year to come. 

New partnerships were established as the medical team broadened our reach to our primary care colleagues. We completed outreach “rounds” with several large family medicine teams across the region. This complements our existing network of over 20 pediatricians – Durham’s GPAAN – Grandview-sponsored Pediatric Advocacy and Associate Network. These newly formed relationships will further help Grandview Kids grow its reach and mission to ensure every child and youth live life at their full potential. 

#TeamGrandview Medical Services hosted more than 3,000 visits last year. The team worked diligently to adapt to virtual assessments for children with Autism. We completed more than 150 virtual Autism assessments and introduced an innovative virtual assessment tool called the “GAVA.” This new tool helped us to provide an early assessment to children and to continue working at full capacity during the pandemic. 

We were also tasked with a new challenge: increase the number of children receiving an assessment through the Ontario Autism Hub from 150 children to 400 children! We achieved our goal with the help of a coordinated effort of #TeamGrandview and community paediatric associates. We are incredibly grateful to have had the support of our Grandview Kids maintenance, cleaning, and driving teams, without whom we would not have been able to complete these assessments during this difficult time. 

Our team continues to grow.

We welcomed Dr. Nicole Fischer, our fourth Developmental Paediatrician, who will join Dr. Mason to work in our tone management clinic. Dr. Fischer’s addition helps to sustain the tone management clinic, meaning more children can access services. She will also join our other physicians and run a paediatric developmental clinic. 

As part of our Psychology Program, we’ve welcomed two psychologists, Dr. Mandy Fulton and Dr. Brianne Drouillard on-site to provide a hybrid of in-person and virtual telepractice. Despite border delays related to the pandemic, we have managed to acquire tools, equipment, and materials to ensure our new Psychologists and Doctors have everything they need in-house. 

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“Despite the fear, trepidation and incredible stress of 2020, we continued to excel – seeing thousands of children, youth, parents, and caregivers for medical appointments. I am so grateful to the medical team and proud to have been able to support our Grandview Kids in new, unprecedented, yet impactful, ways.”

Dr. Carolyn Hunt, Medical Director


We send our thanks to all the caring individuals, businesses and organizations whose contributions changed lives and made so much possible in 2020/2021. You helped Grandview kids move, play, learn, communicate and connect in ways their families never dreamed possible throughout one of our most challenging times yet.